About ITZAS magnetic brooches and ITZAS collective of scarves and accessories.

ITZAS are incredibly powerful magnetic brooches that are as light as a feather and perfect for holding scarves in place. They are made in the Scottish Borders by textile artist Helen Hastings from felts that she creates herself from wool, silks and other inclusions. She also makes brooches in tweeds and silks as well as working to commission.

ITZAS collective teams ITZAS magnetic brooches with scarves. We source our woven and knitted wool and cashmere scarves right here on our doorstep from local woollen mills and we also source scarves in silk and other natural fabrics from around the world.

ITZAS magnetic brooches make great gifts and they are light and easy to post. They can also be personalized for a really special gift.

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