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Golden Brown Silk Big ITZAS Magnetic Brooch
Olive Brown Silk Big ITZAS magnetic brooch for colour styling

Our Price: £13.99


This sumptuous silk Big ITZAS magnetic brooch in golden brown is perfect for styling if you tend to wear predominantly brown as a base colour. You will be able to use it to co-ordinate any number of outfits and of course, being magnetic, it won't make pinholes in the sweater, dress, jacket or scarf you are wearing it on. Use it to fix a scarf in place or as a brooch, hat detail or even as a clasp for a loose cardigan. This brooch matches our brown ombre silk scarf.
Hand made in Scotland
Diameter 50mm x 10mm
Wide choice of colours
Choose from a range of sizes
  • ITZAS magnetic brooches are pinless and hold your scarf firmly in place between two incredibly powerful magnets without damaging the fabric. They are also very lightweight so they don't drag and hang as heavier brooches do nor do they snag your scarf. Give one as a gift, wear it as a brooch, or team it with a colourful scarf or stole for a gorgeous accessory in capsule wardrobe.
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Brown Ombre Silk Scarf
Our Price: £12.99

brown ombre silk scarf