Award-winning ITZAS magnetic brooches hold your scarf firmly in place between two powerful magnets. Being pinless and feather-light, ITZAS don't snag, drag, pierce or damage beautiful fabrics. Give one as a gift, wear it as a brooch, or team it with a scarf for a versatile accessory. Handmade in Scotland.

Lovely Silk Scarf 'Roman Pottery' Vintage 30" square Liberty of London Blue Hera peacock feathers Square Silk Scarf BNWT Purple ombre Silk Scarf + Harlequin Big ITZAS magnetic brooch
Harris Tweed Purple Big ITZAS magnetic brooches Tiffany & Co Large Square Silk Scarf Grey Pink Matisse, Vintage Hand-dyed Ladycrow Silk Big ITZAS magnetic brooch Rust